Shipping & Export from U.S.

Transportation of Vessels

Before purchasing a boat, of course, you first want to know how much it will cost to deliver it, what are the terms of shipping and many other issues. Before buying a boat, be sure to call or write to us first, as we will be able to answer all your questions. To offer you the best option, please provide us with the following information: a brief description of the boat, its size, height, width etc. If you do not know the exact dimensions, please tick a box that data you submit is not quite accurate.

Ro-Ro service - one of the most popular modes of boat transportation. If your boat is on a trailer and its size makes it unsuitable for loading into a container, a Ro-Ro service would be the ideal way to bring the boat. The boat will be simply pulled onto the deck and securely fastened. Ro Ro is the safest, cheapest and safest service.

Lo-lo service is intended for transportation on boats which size is larger and does not allow to transport them by Ro Ro. This service is more expensive, because the crane is required for loading and unloading the boat.

Container shipping - if your boat is 7.8 feet wide or narrower, it can be transported in a container. If the boat's trailer width exceeds 7.8 feet, the axles are removed, packed and loaded with the boat. Container shipping is the cheapest way of transport.